Turbo is a great movie with the world's fastest snail.

Team Turbo ActiveEdit

Turbo the SnailEdit

Turbo is main protagonist from Turbo series, due to his super speed, is a snail who dreams of being the fastest, best racer in the entire world. Due to his passion with speed, he is somewhat an outsider in his community. One day, he accidentally gets caught in a freak accident, which results in him having super-speed. The Ultimate Underdog, Turbo will stop at nothing to chase a dream.

Burn the SnailEdit

Burn is a female snail in the film Turbo. She is one Whiplash's stunt members.

Skidmark the SnailEdit

Skidmark is the one of the supporting characters in the film Turbo. A master of trash talk, Skidmark is Whiplash's feisty #2. For Skidmark, no stunt is successful if it doesn't end with an epic wipeout.

White Shadow the SnailEdit

White Shadow considers himself to be fast like a shadow. Ignoring the fact that shadows aren't inherently fast at all.

Whiplash the SnailEdit

Whiplash is Turbo's mentor. He is played by Samuel L. Jackson. He is the leader of the racing stunts.

Smoove Move the SnailEdit

Smoove Move is a snail who unique perspective on crazy twists and is triggered by Turbo's adventures. Smoove has Rapping Hard Defense.