The Aristocats set in Paris in France at year 1910, being the most greatest Disney films. It raised a lot of money in the British Office Box. That was also the film released after Walt's death in year 1966.

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Thomas O'MalleyEdit

Thomas O'Malley comes off as a smooth-talking, streetwise cat who relishes his life of freedom out in the open with no rules and no responsibilities. All of this changes when he meets Duchess for the first time. At first, he quickly becomes strongly romantically attracted to Duchess - flirting with and serenading her, until he is slightly taken aback by realizing that she has kittens. However, when faced with an adversity, O'Malley will indeed rise to the occasion to protect the ones that he cares for and loves.


Duchess is a white and furry purebred Turkish Angora cat with blue eyes later described as shining like sapphires. She wears a gold collar studded with what may be diamonds.


Marie is a small white purebred Turkish Angora kitten. She has long, beautiful white fur and bright blue eyes with long lashes; out of the 3 kittens, she bears the strongest resemblance to her mother. Her nose and paw pads are light pink, and she has 3 or 4 whiskers on either side of her face. Marie wears a large pink bow around her neck and another pink bow, which is smaller, decorating a tuft of fur on her head. 


Berlioz has blue eyes, a small and skinny black furred body with a lighter grey stomach. He also wears a small red ribbon around his neck that is tied. Being a kitten, he's fairly small.


Toulouse has hazel eyes and long orange fur with a lighter orange stomach. He also wears a large blue ribbon around his neck that is tied similarly to a bow tie. Being a kitten, he's fairly small but also seems to be a bit fatter than his siblings. This is possibly because he is the oldest of the three.

Scat CatEdit

Scat Cat was originally written for Louie Armstrong to voice him and was originally named Satchmo Cat. Unfortunately for Armstrong, he became ill and was unable to voice the character, leading to the decision to replace him with Scatman Crothers, rename him "Scat Cat" and write a new song, Everybody Wants to Be a Hero.


Napoleon is a big purebred Bloodhound with brown fur, dark-brown ears, and a red collar around his neck.


Lafayette is a little purebred Basset Hound with short legs, brown with white fur, long ears, and a black collar.