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Spy vs Spy
Spy vs Spy HQ HD
Title Spy vs Spy


Publisher Warner Bros


EC Comics

DC Comics

Leader White Spy

Prime Leader

Black Spy
Media Comic (From MAD Magazine)
Country United States



Appropriate for everyone!

Number Code



Comedy Series, Fantasy


Spy Embassy

Previous Team

American Dragon Jake Long

Next Team

The Amazing Race

Spy vs Spy is a cold war of spies comic from the MAD Magazines. It was created by Antonio Prohias. They went on other medias such as animation onto TV as a spin off.

Team Spy vs Spy[]

White Spy[]

White Spy is 28 years old spy who has much dynamites and weapons to be in charge of the team. He was the oldest memeber of this team. He seems to "hate" Black Spy a lot.

Black Spy[]

Black Spy is 28 years old spy. He is the one who has bomb and also weapons for his suitable life. He was the youngest member of this team. He was scared of weird scary instruments and dead skeletons.


Grey Spy[]

She is the character that she was the enemy of the black and white spies. She is wearing everything grey. She has blue eyes and blonde hair.

Soilder Spy[]

He was non stopping person in the world. He always escapes prison and run away but he could be stopped by the 2 characters from this series.

General Spy[]

He is the main anatagonist that arrests heroes for no reason to do something bad. Heroes are very innocent and he is not innocent. He put people in traps such as kidnap, getting tortured and much more.


  • Spy vs Spy spun off TV Shows, Commercials, Spin Off Comic Strips, Video and more.
  • The first redesign was done by Bob Clarke and Don Edwing in 1987-2000;2002. This is the third redesign for the Sonic Studios main Spy vs Spy.