Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the 1st main star.

Title Sonic the Hedgehog


Publisher Sega
Leader Sonic the Hedgehog (Main)

Prime Leader

Knuckles the Echidna
Media Video Games
Country Japan



Appropriate for everyone!

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Action Adventure



Previous Team

Rebecca SuperStar

Next Team

Tom and Jerry

Sonic the Hedgehog is a main gaming series.

Team SonicEdit

Sonic the HedgehogEdit

Sonic is me the famous, fastest, luckiest, spikiest and bluest hedgehog in the world. I keep on running and saving the world from evil Dr. Eggman. He was the main leader/protagonist in the whole Sonic Team.

Cockroaches: Joey, Dee Dee and Marky

Miles ''Tails'' ProwerEdit

Tails was my sidekick and the yellow flying fox who was a technology genius as well.

Cockraoches: Nick

Knuckles the Echidna Edit

Knuckles is the great master guardiance in the Angle Island. He ususally stronger than Sonic.

Cockroaches: Randson and Lela

Amy RoseEdit

Amy was Sonic's girlfriend and also powerful using weapons such as Pinkie Hammer.

Cockroaches: Marine, Xynox and James

Cream the RabbitEdit

Another character who can fly and her first appearance is Sonic Advance 2.

Big the CatEdit

The cat who had superpowers and moves from Sonic Adventure and Chorles.

Shadow the HedgehogEdit

The black hedgehog who was the ultimate life form. His love interest Maria who died in his past and then he was divorsed

Cockroaches: Tim and Marion

Rouge the BatEdit

The treasure hunter who is also an agent and spy. She may also be smart looking for chaos emerald.

E-123 OmegaEdit

The only character who was just a robot and can fly using hover shoes.

Silver the HedgehogEdit

The hedgehog who formerly calls Sonic "The Iblis Trigger". He came from the future.

Cockroaches: Harry and Lukie

Blaze the CatEdit

The princess cat who was also a burning cat came from Sonic Rush.

Pollia the CatEdit

The new cat who was usually the clumsy and wearing confortable shoes with dog's power.

Espio the CamelleonEdit

The great ninja who can still be support of his life on the chaotix from now on. Who knows that he can run up and stand on walls and cilings?

Charmy BeeEdit

The smallest character who can sting a lot.

Vector the CrocodileEdit

The character who can help Sonic swim.

Mighty the ArmadilloEdit

The character from SEGA Sonic the Hedgehog in the arcade 1992.

Ray the Flying SquirrelEdit

The character who now likes blue as well.


She has her own games and appear in some Sonic games.

Sally AcrornEdit

The girl from SatAm and very powerful by being in love with sometimes Sonic.

Bunnie RabbotEdit

The rabbit who has very long legs and run with them from now on.

Rotor the WalrusEdit

The walrus from SatAm who also being protagonist almost close to Sonic.

Antoine D' CooletteEdit

The Legacy person who can avoid any allergies.

Uncle Chuck HedgehogEdit

Sonic's grandad who also powerful as well as Sonic.

Minda MongooseEdit

The mongoose girl who stays with Ash Mongoose and she also got her powers.

Ash MongooseEdit

The mongoose who has what it takes along with his sister Minda Mongoose.

Honey the CatEdit

The other cat int this series who has sort of her powers from Sonic comics.

Lupe the WolfEdit

The wolf who maybe be in SatAm cartoon.

Manic the HedgehogEdit

Sonic's brother who still using drum powers.

Sonia the HedgehogEdit

Sonic's sister who still using piano powers.

Alice the HedgehogEdit

Sonic's twin sister who has cyan hair color but does not like pink, because her color was the same as Sonic.

Porch the HedgehogEdit

The hedgehog who wore his clothes an protect anyone from excebutive ways of living.

Ziggy the HedgehogEdit

The hedgehog who was even better than Scourge the Hedgehog.

Fang the WeaselEdit

The character who started in the 1994 game gear and angain in the Sonic Fighters. He can now possibly be teamwork.

Bean the DynamiteEdit

The bird who can throw bombs to enemies.

Bark the Polar BearEdit

The bear and caming from North Pole.

Tiara Cybowski/BoobowskiEdit

The character usign her own weapon and she cam from the cancelled game Sonic Xtreme.

Marine the RacoonEdit

She lived on an adventure island and always meeting Blaze.

Chip the LightEdit

From Sonic Unleashed who can now be better than Omachao.

Tikal the EchidnaEdit

The other guardian of the Emeralds. She came from Sonic Adventure in 1998.

Chris ThorndykeEdit

The guy from Sonic X who was a smart kid who goes to school and study really hard.

Cosmo the PlantEdit

She was another Tails' girfriend and she was a flower power girl from Sonic X.


Dr. EggmanEdit

Dr Eggman is the main anatagonist from Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis from 1991. He use his evil inventions to destroy Sonic.

Scourge the HedgehogEdit

Scourge is Sonic's major rival and he was not super speed. He was actually stealing powers of any characters. He had different color of the same Sonic's jewel.

Cockroaches: Grumpy, Ginger and Lex


Cubic is Dr Eggman's good friend and make the truce for destroying the world.


Orbit is the character thas was Cubic's only friends that he can have.


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