Shawn came from Wallace and Gromit.

Team Shawn the SheepEdit

Shawn the Sheep (Character)Edit

He is the protagonist of the series and the leader of the flock. He is a clever sheep and keeps his head. He has a good friendship with Bitzer, though this does not stop him from playing pranks on the latter at times.


He is the farmer's long-suffering sheepdog (though there are still times when power goes into his head) and a good friend of Shaun. Bitzer does his best to keep Shaun's pals out of trouble. He wears a blue beanie hat.


She can be described as an eating machine, though she is intimidating enough to have defended Shaun from Pidsley once. She's so big that she often gets stuck and needs the other sheep to push, pull or even sling-shot her out of trouble, even using heavy equipment at times.


He is Shaun's cousin. He may be the baby of the flock, but is often at the center of things. Luckily his mum is always there to keep him safe. However, sometimes she is not capable of it and it is up to Shaun and Bitzer to help Timmy to safety.

Timmy's MotherEdit

She wears curlers in her hair, and is a bit careless about maternal duties, even using Timmy once as some sort of a paint brush. But when her offspring goes astray, she is inconsolable until he is safely back in her care. She is also Shaun's aunt.