Rebecca SuperStar began in the early 2010 as an art conpect.

Rebecca SuperStar
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Rebecca SuperStar's big Pose

Title Rebecca SuperStar


Publisher Trexters (Warner Bros Fantasy)
Leader Rebecca SuperStar

Prime Leader

Richard CSI
Media Comics
Country United States




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Action Adventure


Autism Partnership School

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This series began in 2010 also as known as Autism Partnership School, The Autism Partnership School which is originally located in Autism Partnership Hong Kong which established in 2007 which is 3 years passed before Rebecca SuperStar was out.

Team Rebecca SuperStarEdit

Rebecca SuperStarEdit

Rebecca SuperStar is a 21 year old girl who uses wisps and great amazing court. She was born in April 21st 1993 and diagonied with Autism Spectrum DIsorders since she was born.

Seender SuperStarEdit

Seender is a 20 year old boy who works for video games.

Golden SuperStarEdit

Golden is a 20 year old boy who always calm and always listen what the parents and his siblings does.

Luke Calmest ZimmermanEdit

Luke is a 19 year old who has a cockroach wings.

Hugo Climber Hyper YuEdit

He is a 20 year old who climb walls ans cielings by walking or running.

Katie RoseEdit

An 18 year old girl who likes to dance as ballerina dance. She was Rebecca SuperStar's Great Friend.

Richard CSIEdit

The protector from the world also as known as "APS Bodyguard". He was the oldest Autism front of middle ages and youngest people. He was 29 years old.

Aaron SaceEdit

The main character's boyfriend who really care and uses his only weapon. He met Rebecca when he was 16 and he was 3 years younger than her. He was diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD until 18 then he had no ADHD. Teh warning is Autism like Aspergers is for life.

Shopie AringEdit

The first Jewish girl in the APS group. Josie's best friend who is Chinese-British who was just born in Macau.

Ronald SingsuEdit

The large one who keeps the children with the whole family and no dangers. His parents helped him but they do not allow him to have tattoo cause it hurts for him and the family. He can sing but he was a punk group and now age 35.

Lemur BunnyEdit

The treasure hunter who likes to find a good job on this team.

Alan Yip PicklesEdit

He is a person goes with 1% mistake then becaming 0% mistake. He uses his own word "Oh! There was someone's Light year!"

Edward SeekEdit

He is tuff and cool! He also likes Edmund, his older brother!

Edmund SeekEdit

He had a white moustache and being a cool moustache guy ever! He is a kid with White Moustache but he never tells that he has one.

Josie AniEdit

The second Jewish girl in the APS group. She was 12 years old Asperger and she was Indonesian-Japanese price who developed the Jews.


The dragon that can fly and breath fire. He is the only one that is not a human and a dragon with Autism. He was actually based on Spyro the Dragon.

Jacob HidesEdit

The youngest member of the APS Group. He can spy hide on his surface that no one can see him. He was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Red CapEdit

Red Cap had first appeared in his Vector Games Red Cap online. He was African American Autistic boy who is age 9 years old with red cap and blue bag.

Marceline Coyote Edit

Marceline was the scientist coyote and she is 18 years old and being a teacher for first graduated in APS. She was diagonised with Aspergers Disorders. She can use the Shine to reduce the power for the Autism.

Villains Edit

Scartray Edit

He is the hated villain of Autism. He was the main Antagonist in this series.

Trivia Edit


  • Rebecca SuperStar (Series)
  • Rebecca SuperStar (Character)
  • LUke Calmest Zimmerman
  • Aaron Sace
  • Hugo Climber Hyper Yu
  • Katie Rose
  • Dragoneese
  • Richard CSI
  • Mascara Yau