Planet 51 is the 3D animated fictional movie began on thanksgiving 2009.

Team Planet 51Edit

Lem KorplogEdit

He worked at the observatory serving the kids to a space experience with the Planetarium. He didn't notice the film was not properly inserted and the planetarium film was burning.

Skiff XounelliusEdit

Skiff Xounellius is the teenage alien in Planet 51. His friends are Lem, Neera and Eckle. He is Lem's best friend and likes Rover.

Neera YoungEdit

Neera is a green alien female who is Lem Korplog's friend.

Eckle YoungEdit

  Eckle is a young kid that loves Humaniacs comic books, but its strictly forbidden by his mom. He loves those kind of movies but his mom tells him no on those movies because hes strictly forbidden to watch those movies. He is a hero with the other friends such as Lem, Neera and Skiff.

Glar DulamEdit

Glar Dulam is a musical alien which is an expert on music and rock and roll stuff. He uses an electric guitar to perform music. He can perform new songs which doesn't exist yet with the other rock stars. He has a bose radio which he uses to listen to other music on one of the random songs and other stuff. It also allows him to use the multi cd if he has the thing to use extra discs for him to put his music cds into his bose radio. He uses the remote to change whatever it does or turn it off. He also uses other instruments to perform songs too.

Chuck BakerEdit

Chuck Baker is an astronaut who came from Planet Earth and landed on Planet 51.