This story would never be happily in the end or it could?

Team Happily Never AfterEdit


A scullery maid from the tale "Cinderella" and the protagonist of the film. She is in love with Humperdink but later realizes that her true love is her friend Rick.


A stressed out servant who works for the prince and finds him as a grand annoyance. He has a peculiar crush on his friend Ella.


A rebellious and goofy purple cat-like creature who works for the wizard. Bored with the cycle of good endings, he wishes for things to go differently every once in a while but relents when he see how far out of control things went.


An uptight and smart orange pig creature who also works for the wizard. Unlike Mambo, he avoids causing trouble in the fairy tales'. He helps Ella stop Frieda from taking over fairy tale land. Although he and Mambo bicker, they're best friends.


The prince of the Cinderella story. Unlike the original prince, he is somewhat lazy and ignorant, but is determined to find his "maiden", Cinderella. He follows steps in a tiny booklet he carries around. His name is revealed to be Humperdink and is only mentioned in a deleted scene on the DVD release.